Data collection

To assess the probability of disruption risk users also require location-specific data on the current state of natural capital assets and the drivers of environmental change that affect them. Inventories of all available data relevant to natural capital assets and drivers of environmental change at a global level were compiled. Data sources were gathered from a combination of general internet searches, scientific literature reviews, and previous UNEP-WCMC projects, using key words. International and national organisations, and authors of scientific publications, were contacted for further information where necessary.

A number of screening criteria, such as update frequency and temporal coverage, were recorded for each dataset to enable financial institutions to assess the suitability and robustness for decision making. These criteria were drawn from previous data inventories compiled by UNEP-WCMC for national and international projects on natural capital assessments and accounting. In particular, spatial datasets showing changes in the state or variability of natural capital assets or changes in the severity of drivers were identified where possible as these allow users to understand the risk of disruption to ecosystem service provision.

The following datasets were compiled as part of the overall project: