Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure

  • Key tool for TNFD's LEAP
  • ENCORE - A key tool for TNFD's LEAP approach

    ENCORE can help financial institutions take their first steps towards understanding their dependencies and impacts on nature. Join 4,000 registered users who already use the tool.

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  • Biodiversity goals agriculture dashboard
  • Biodiversity module available!

    Sign up to access the features of ENCORE, including a module that helps financial institutions understand how they can move towards potential portfolio alignment with global biodiversity goals.

  • Explore hotspots of natural capital depletion using the map
  • Explore hotspots of natural capital depletion using the map

    Understand risks arising from the depletion of natural capital, and the dependencies and impacts of business activities, by exploring spatial data.

  • ENCORE helps you understand how the economy is exposed to natural capital-related risks

    Visualise how the economy depends and impacts on nature, and how environmental change can create risks for businesses.